Story of our concrete jar

Here’s the story of our concrete jar made by the good people of @bentukbentuk “I am handcrafted in Malaysia using locally sourced concrete and materials with lots of love and care poured into the entire making process. Like every other handcrafted products, minor irregularities such as bubbles on the surface or colour/pattern differences are natural and that makes me unique as no other pieces are identical. As part of concrete’s characteristic, I am sturdy and hard but breakable – treat me the same as your glassware or ceramic ware in terms of care. I am protected with water resistant sealant for protection against water. Exposure to water is fine but avoid soaking, scrubbing or washing me with harsh chemicals to protect the water resistant layer.” Even amazing is you can reuse the concrete jars once the wax is used up, upcycle it to store keys, jewelry, as succulent pot.. endless!

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